Netflix will partner with 4 animation studios including MAP: Original Anime Is Coming?

Netflix has announced new collaborations with animation studios, the colossus has already worked with several companies in this industry in the past and was very much appreciated by the public.

In particular, the distribution platform for films, television series, animations and other entertainment products seems to have started several collaborations with the studios:

  • NAZthat we remember for example for the remake of Captain Tsubasa in 2018;
  • Science SARU, Producer of Ping Pong the Animation among others;
  • MAP, currently working on the production of the fourth season of Attack of the Giants;
  • and with the South Korean Studio me, Producer of Avatar: The Legend of Korra.

Netflix As early as 2018 he announced collaborations with the studios Production IG, Wit Studio and BONES, from which more or less celebrated souls emerged, including Great Pretender, AICO: Incarnation and Carole & Tuesday, about which we report in our review.

They were announced in 2019 other partnerships with the manufacturers: Anima, Sublimation and David Production.

Given the quality of the series produced so far, what can we expect from these new collaborations? I remember recently announcing the new Netflix production anime Blue Eyes Samurai, but its animation studio is still unknown. Could it be one of those the giant has just worked with? Give us your opinion.

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