Crunchyroll: Onyx Equinox in a hell of a new trailer

Crunchyroll, a streaming platform known to Japanese animation fans, has released a new trailer for its original series. Let's see

Onyx Equinox was previously presented by American platform and is part of a series of original works that Crunchyroll announced earlier this year. In particular, not much is known about this product since then It's not an adaptation of a comic book or any other work already in place, but thanks to the few released trailers we'll talk about, we can get a sneak peek at it.

The trailer gives us a look at the series by showing what an old one looks like Central American civilization devastated by the invasion of some creatures and towards the end of the presentation of a boy who wants to face them. The promotional video doesn't stop it from showing others particularly violent and bloody scenes the devastation caused by monsters.

Crunchyroll also presents the act of work: a Aztec boy named Izel He is saved by the gods and chosen to go on a journey through Central America to give up apathy for those around him and to demonstrate human potential.

Onyx Equinox is now published on the streaming platform Saturday 21 November 2020.
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