Finally, the narrative arc of the ship announced during the 2021 jump festival began in the cartoon series Boruto: Naruto the next generations. This presents a new opening in which we identify the protagonist's new skills.

If in the original story Naruto could count Power of the nine-tailed fox Even his son Boruto shows in the prequel dedicated to him a special ability that lives in his own body. A preview of this ability, called karmaWe got to watch it thanks to the new opening theme that can be seen on the cover of the news. In it the young man shows a slightly different aspect during a fight with the leader of the Kara organization, in fact we can see around his eye a black mark.

The blonde shinobi isn't the only one who also has the new ability Kawaki, a character expected from Boruto in the previous opening, was shown with the same symbols on his face. However, in order to better know the abilities of karma that will soon play a major role in the story, we must continue to follow the new saga.

In the meantime, I remember that in the final episode of the Boruto anime, the Kara organization revealed their new destination by introducing the character of Kashin Koji.

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