Star Wars: Darth Vader: In the last volume there is an unexpected reunion

The narrative basis of the universe of war of stars can of course be found in the nine official films that, despite building a full narrative, have repeatedly split fans between those who prefer the original trilogy and those who prefer the three prequel films about the past and development of Anakin Skywalker enjoyed more. Darth Vader .

The main objective of the comic book series, dedicated to the most famous character, Star Wars: Darth Vader, is to coherently relate the events in the two trilogies, as in the fourth volume, in which we also saw an unexpected return connect .

The story takes place after The Empire Strikes Back, in which Vader revealed to Luke that he was his father. Looking for information about Padmé's death, The Sith Lord is going to Naboowhere he finds Ric Olié, a name that may be familiar to many fans. In fact, Olié is the pilot who explained the commands of the Queen's spaceship to little Anakin in the movie The Phantom Menace.

This type of reunion may please readers, but the tones in which it was presented are by no means friendly. In fact, Olié stands between Vader and the tomb of Amidala, with lots of people and Gungan behind him. A few tables later we also find other faces that have already been seen in the past The Sith are stopped by Sabé and the other queen's maids. The meeting tables are at the bottom of the page.

Remember, the last installment of Star Wars mentioned two moments from the prequel trilogy, and we'll leave you our special on the best comics about Darth Vader.

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