Despite the watchful eye of the Seventh Hokage Naruto and his assistants, the Leaf Village is littered with moles ready to convey any bit of information to the Kara Organization, a criminal group that follows in the footsteps of the dawn. What's going on in Konoha in Boruto: Naruto the next generations?

After returning victorious from the battle with Deepa and Victor, the members of Team 7 had to go to the Hokage a mission briefing. But at that very moment, Naruto learned a difficult truth about his village.

In episode 176 of Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations, the public discovers that the Kara organization has succeeded in spreading numerous Spies in Konoha. As Konohamaru revealed, this huge network of informants, which is also present in the other major ninja villages, consists of people called Outers who provide valuable reports to the head of the Kara organization.

Naruto and his loyal assistant Shikamaru are stunned by the news went straight to the counterattack. But instead of closing the gates of the village, the two shinobi decided to involve their men in counter-espionage. While we wait to expose the moles present in the leaf, let's find out what the Kara organization in Boruto is planning. A quote from a Naruto episode got noticed by Boruto fans.

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