As the Christmas season approaches, a fan decided to make this magical event even more unique by combining it with his passion for Dragon Ball Z. Here's one downright bizarre way to decorate the Christmas tree.

Lights, mistletoe, snow, trees, and glittering decorations magically appeared on the streets and houses of every city; Christmas is almost here. However, one Dragon Ball Z fan has found a unique way to combine his passion for Toriyama's work with the holiday season: decorating the Christmas tree with Goku throws the Genkidama ball.

As shown on Reddit, instead of the classic awlThis fan placed the Saiyan on his Christmas tree and at the same time triggered one of his most powerful steps, the Genkidama. In addition to Goku, there is also Vegeta Super Saiyan Blue, but he doesn't seem necessarily ready to give his rival his energy.

This is "do it yourself" decoration one of the most creative ever seen in anime and manga. Will it be an inspiration to other fans? Feel free to show us your thematic creations! Meanwhile, the Saiyajins from Dragon Ball have arrived in Japan. We greet Enrico Bertorelli, the voice actor who gave Cell in Dragon Ball Z his voice, with great bitterness.

The ghost bomb Goku is my Christmas tree lid from r / dbz

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