Players are mainly devoted to their attention Cyberpunk 2077, a project by CD Projekt Red, which saw the light of day after years of development and long delays. We talked about it in the Cyberpunk 2077 review, but now gamers could put their hands on it too and try it out on PC and console.

The The Cyberpunk 2077 system offers extensive customization optionswhich caused a sensation especially for the genitals. A new player is using the character customization module and has decided to combine his passion for the game with that for ONE PIECE.

In the futuristic world of CD Projekt Red in fact, even a Franky the Cyborg can come out, the famous member of Mugiwara from ONE PIECE. In the image that appeared on the relevant subreddit, the photo you can see below with that particular Franky has received a barrage of upvotes and interactions. The look mainly takes up that of the carpenter before the time leap, when he still had the long tuft of hair and the beautiful blue sideburns.

Unfortunately, as the Creator Himself pointed out, this is it Franky can't have a nice mechanical nose, but who knows if he couldn't introduce other super parts into his body. Patch 1.04 for cyberpunk has now been released.

A humble effort to create Cyborg Franky in Cyberpunk 2077. It's a shame I couldn't give him the metal nose! by r / OnePiece

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