Begun during Episode 232, simulcast to air on Crunchyroll on January 16, 2022, the saga of the Great Battle of the Land of Water draws to a close. This was revealed by Honda Masaya, the scriptwriter of the anime series, who also spoke about other details of it Story arc by Boruto.

The Funato clan's invasion of the Village of Mist has been going on since the beginning of the year, which is now four months. However, it seems that this adventure in the land of water will end very soon. From what Masaya said, the Funato Arc has entered its final phase and that means if you count one episode a week, the fight goes on for at least another month without stops.

The screenwriter from Studio Pierrot not only revealed this, he also revealed some details of the narrative arc. In the original plans The order of episodes 250 and 249 was reversed (and what we know today as episode 250 should actually have been called 249). However, the animation studio preferred to change the order of the episodes to add more suspense to the scene where Boruto is attacked by Kobuna, an event that leads to Boruto's personal growth.

Episode 251 will continue the events of Boruto 249 in which Denki and Iwabei are reported missing. Finally, Masaya invited viewers not to miss out as i Team 7's connections are put to the test. What will those last words mean?

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