Spiderman is an iconic character that has long powered the Marvel comic house. Several writers have thought of telling different stages of the life of the Manhattan wall climber with a troubled history behind him, bringing new versions of Peter Parker to life over time to bring fresh air.

We then opened up to the multiverse of Spider-Man, in which the red and blue jumpsuit was worn not only by Peter, but also by other characters, who then made changes to the House of Ideas hero's costume and style. One of the versions that has gained prominence in recent years is Spider Gwen, who was born in a universe where Peter Parker is dying meanwhile Gwen Stacy gains spider powerswho took off in a black, pink and white hooded jumpsuit to defend New York.

Gwen's universe is gradually expanding as other rumors and film projects are born about her. In the meantime, we'll have to turn around to see the live-action version Spider Gwen Cosplayone of which was recently made by CarryKey and shows her version of the climber in a carefree version, with headphones and a swaying spider web.

An illustrator instead thought of Gwen in the Wolverine version, shown in a unique fan art.

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