After rediscovering the true meaning of Saiyan Pride, in Dragon Ball Super 84 Goku and Vegeta are ready for the final battle with the strongest being in the universe. Will the Saiyan Prince bring home the triumph?

Powered by the lessons of Bardock's flashback, the two Saiyans form a team of divine powers in the Dragon Ball Super chapter. One with the angelic powers of ultra instinct and the other with those of ultra ego destruction, Goku and Vegeta start the challenge for Gas.

Despite the numerical superiority, the Warriors Z duo is still struggling. be two Shapes before the wish expressed by Elec, Gas still remains the strongest fighter in the universe. However, Vegeta's Ultra Ego may soon reverse this situation.

The first time the Saiyan Prince exploited this form during the course of the fight with Granolah, it proved unsuccessful. However, the circumstances were very different, and this time the ultra ego could propel Vegeta to his first victory.

Vegeta now has more experience mastering the Ultra Ego, as well as a new faith. As we see in the final cliffhanger of Chapter 84, while Goku's ultra instinct seems to be struggling and not suitable for this fight, the prince with the Ultra Ego manages to hit the opponent. Do you think Vegeta will really be the one to excel?

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