With the deaths of Jigen and Isshiki Ootsutsuki, the Leaf Village was believed to have finally broken free from the Kara Organization. However, the last survivor of the criminal group has sworn revenge on Konoha. Now that he has achieved his goal, he will obliterate Boruto and the others who killed his teacher?

During the final battle of Boruto Code, he possessed the weakest karma of the three. But after the events of Chapter 70this situation may have reversed.

Code, aware that he cannot kill Isshiki's assassin with his current powers, has decided to invade Konoha along with Eida capture Amado, the only one capable of removing the restrainers placed in his body. After blocking Shikamaru, the antagonist managed to escape with the scientist in tow before help arrived.

Back at the base of operations, Code receives a tempting offer from Amado: The removal of its limiters, in exchange for life. The final scenes of the chapter herald an unrelenting crisis in Boruto 71.

Code's limiters have been removed and the boy now feels utterly invincible. Showing off all his newfound strength, he finally threatens to kill Amado. We don't know anything about the true power of code yet. Really, now it has become even stronger than kawashiki and borushiki?

We can see the first changes in its appearance. Now code has them white hair and lifted up, and no longer red and bobbing. Also look at their white karma but it makes no difference. Aside from the Claw Marks to move and the Battle Claws, what power will he ever unlock?

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