As the audience prepares for the start of the new story arc, theEpisode 178 of Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations brought an old character back to Konoha. But his return was accompanied by sad memories of Naruto's fourth great ninja war: Shippuden.

The episode entitled "The Fatherly Example" shows how the residents of the Blattdorf are still suffering the effects of the war against the Alba and Madara Uchiha organization. The hardest hit protagonists are Shikamaru and Ino, who lost their fathers in one of the most exciting phases of the battle.

After Ao was welcomed to Konoha, the sole survivor of that event, the sequel revealed a new heartbreaking detail. In an emotional conversation Shikamaru Ino confesses that he always had the feeling that their fathers passed on to him the plan to defeat the Ten Tails without really believing in it.

Meeting Ao is the perfect time for get rid of this doubt existential. However, by looking back, the ninja reveals that Shikaku and Inoichi believed deeply in their children. This testimony leads Shiakamaru and Ino to shed tears of joy and pain. Finally the two had the answer they were looking for. The Boruto episode 179 promo anticipates a major event in the manga. Boruto's animated series is set to return soon to match the events of its paper counterpart.

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