How long is the anime going to be there Boruto: Naruto the next generations will continue broadcasting original episodes? An update on the situation comes from studio screenwriter Pierrot Honda Masaya, in charge of the unreleased saga that will begin with the next installment in the series.

As of episode 220, airing October 17, 2021, the anime of Boruto has stopped adapting the manga's chapters. So there are now over fifty episodes in which the series deals with original narrative arcs. When will this situation change?

As is now known, with the end of the Kawaki saga, a new unreleased saga will be inaugurated in the Ninja Academy. How long will it take and when will the anime return to adapt the manga? Honda Masaya gave the audience a hint.

The screenwriter has revealed via his social media that he has personally dealt with this new original Boruto saga. This will be consisting of eight episodes, of which you are, in which he appears in the role of the screenwriter.

Based on this information, it can be assumed that this filler arc will last the entire month of November and December. So the anime could start adapting the events of the manga from the month January 2023when the published chapters of the work will meanwhile be 76. Do you think Studio Pierrot will change course for the new year?

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