Denji's life of hardship and debt this time was marked by his pact with Pochita and meeting Makima. Joining the Devil Hunter public safety team made it possible for the protagonist chainsaw man To experience emotions he had never imagined. He too was able to fulfill his dream.

Unlike his colleague Aki, who works in public safety for all the right reasons, Denji works as a devil hunter to maintain a standard of living that until recently was just a dream. However, the Chainsaw Man has another hidden desire, that of touch a breast for the first time.

In Chainsaw Man 1x04, Denji defends Meowy and Power, urging the girl to keep the promise made earlier. The dream everyone thought was stupid finally comes true in the fifth installment of the animated adaptation. But now that Denji could touch a breast, what will she choose? His life will seem boring at first, but then he will manage to find one pursue a new purpose.

In order to achieve his goals, Denji must keep going Complete missions on behalf of Makima next to Aki and Power. Along with this trio will be working 3 more Felhunters whose abilities we will soon discover. Before proceeding with the story, we leave you with the review of Chainsaw Man 1x03.

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