It's time for revelations Boruto: Naruto Next Generation. This time it's Momoshiki who illuminates the shadow that envelops a protagonist. Just as the truth was about to be revealed, the Otsutsuki associated with the Hokage's son was interrupted. What is behind this power of Eida?

In chapter 75 of Boruto, Amado explained the powers of Eida in detail. The scientist clarified that the girl's abilities originate Shinjutsu, divine techniques that can be traced back to Shibai Otsutsuki. According to Amado's explanation, Eida's ability to charm anyone but the Otsutskis is also a shinjutsu. However, Momoshiki tells Boruto that he knows all the shinjutsu and that the Spell power does not belong to this category of divine abilities. Therefore, the ex of the Kara Organization is clearly lying and hiding something of fundamental importance from his Leaf Village allies.

In Boruto 76, while Eida is having a conversation with Sarada and Sumire, Boruto is again startled by thoughts of Momoshiki. Engaged in personal reflection, Otsutski reveals that he finally gets it Mystery behind the power of the Eida Charm. But before he can reveal the secret to young Uzumaki, he is interrupted by Kawaki's interference.

As theorized by Boruto, Eida's charm could come from someone special Ninja science tool. However, there is more to this special ability. Why did Amado lie and how does he intend to use Eida to achieve his seemingly innocent goals?

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