The anime of Mob Psycho 100. Recent episodes have shown us a side of the mob that had remained hidden within them and that had awakened in all its power after a nefarious event.

In the last story arc of Mob Psycho 100 III, the protagonist mob finally decides to confess his love to him Tsubomifriend since kindergarten. However, after buying a bouquet for the young girl, Shigeo is violently hit by a car and this causes his Alter ego with the strongest psychic powers in the world.

Shigeo has always suppressed this dark side of himself, fearing that it could harm the people he loved. However, in the final episodes of Season 3, we see the evil mob take control of the body and mercilessly wreak havoc on Condimentia, despite the interventions of the Espers we saw in Mob Psycho 100. Needless to say, no one could stop him, not once Ritsu.

But here it comes Dance Arataka, Master of Mob and full-time con artist in his exorcism agency. After a lot of effort, Reigen manages to get at Shigeo's body with the help of a device dimpleand reveals that he is a liar. This triggers the boy's resolution of his inner conflict with the evil side and allows him to regain control of his body.

Afterwards, Reigen tells Shigeo about it he is a wonderful person just the way he is, and should only accept his part with psychic powers, rather than rejecting it. Mob then comes to terms with his supernatural side, works out the issues with himself and prepares to explain himself to young Tsubomi.

Unfortunately for the boy Tsubomi will not reciprocate her feelings: Shigeo's final tears represent the growth and maturity the character has achieved, even if he accepts a rejection. The anime then ends with the birthday celebration of Reigen, the true MVP of the season finale and maybe the entire series.

We leave you the official illustration of Mob Psycho 100 with Mob, Dance and Dimples.

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