There Saga of Goten and Trunks lasted only three chapters, but it served to bring the two young Saiyans back into the limelight. After so many volumes of being absent, the new recruits have finally come back into play and have done so by growing by a few years. So the Dragon Ball Super saga is served.

Obviously, the purpose of these three chapters wasn't just to give space to Goten and Trunks. Toyotaro and Toriyama had actually prepared themselves to best tell the story of the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie, and this story served as a prequel. But now we're getting serious about the events of the film, starting with that Official Dragon Ball Super 91 spoilers complete with images, available in the tweets below.

It starts with Piccolo going to school from Pan to pick her up after class as both her parents are busy with some housework. So the Namekkian takes the little girl home and keeps an eye on her as she tries to catch a frog and almost falls off a cliff. The little girl's courage is immediately noticed by Piccolo, who decides to train her since she was the same age as when he did it with Gohan. Pan then blurts out that Goten and Trunks enjoyed being superheroes but stopped studying and were discovered by their mothers, in fact Chi-Chi raged and forced them to give up their superhero careers.

In the meantime, a briefing about the newborn Red Ribbon is taking place in a police station led by Magenta Raibon, son of former General Red Raibon. Magenta, who is also President of Red Pharmaceuticals, is a big deal but noticeably attention as the briefing also includes a speech by Kuririn explaining how Red Ribbon Dr. Doctor Frost targeted Hedo, the brilliant's grandson. However, at his base, Magenta debates with Carmine, the latter having found information on the scientist. At the moment, Hedo is still in prison but will be released in three monthsconsequently, their plans will have to wait a little longer.

This ends the very first spoilers of Dragon Ball Super 91. With this begins the creation of Gamma 1 and Gamma 2, but also the new enemy of the saga.

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