In Chapter 74 of Boruto, Eida met Kawaki, the only person he's really interested in. Before the two can dive into their relationship, however, ie Konoha ninjas pay attention to Amado's storyprompted to reveal all his knowledge of Shikamaru and Naruto.

After Boruto chapter 75 illustrated the workings of the powers of Eida and Daemon and revealed the existence of a god of the Otsutsuki who now transcends the earthly plane apparently due to his power Amado explains why he's obsessed with karma.

In his view, the power of the Otsutsuki contains hope, i.e. the possibility of making things possible that are impossible for humans. This only for bring his daughter back to lifewho, as has already been announced, died 12 years before the current events.

akebi, the daughter of Amado, suffered from an incurable disease. Some drugs worked and even the doctors gave up treatment. Amado never bothered to find a cure for her, instead finding a way to solve the root problem: Create a new body by cloning. Nine months after Akebi's death, Amado managed to implant his daughter's brain into a cloned body that possessed the exact same features and even the same voice tone. However, the being that came to life was a total stranger.

Amado gave birth to Delta, who according to her memory her daughter Akebi was completely different from her. No matter how many times he tried to redesign it, Delta took on a different personality from Akebi each time. Only then did the scientist realize that he had lost his daughter forever and that people cannot play with life.

On the verge of despair, he was approached by Jigen, who promised to bring Akebi back to life in exchange for his services. However, following Jigen's orders meant killing the planet itself. Convinced by the words of Isshiki Otsutsuki Vessel, He studied karma in order to donate Akebi's consciousness to Delta.

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