Yoshihiro Togashi's production continues, with the mangaka always keeping up to date with the situation and his progress Hunter X Hunter via his Twitter page. In the meantime, readers can get back to the work itself thanks to the publication, which has resumed on Weekly Shonen Jump in recent weeks.

These new chapters focus not only on Kakin's mafias who are in full battle with each other. No, even those criminals who have long been targeted by Kurapika are back in Hunter x Hunter: the ghost brigade. Led by Quoll Lucifer, they are all on the ship in search of Hisoka, while also dealing with the Heil-Ly family. And because of them, Nobunaga started a flashback that explains the origin story of the spiders.

Hunter x Hunter 396 will continue the Phantom Brigade flashback and its origin story. Togashi has already hinted at a moderately long process considering Chapter 395 is titled "Formation (1)" which will surely be followed by a 2 and maybe even a 3. Quoll prepares his show while terrible things are happening in a town of children. The luck of the brigade and these kidnappings will most likely combine in the story that will lead them to create the crime gang. The kidnapping of one of the children they know, possibly with dire consequences, could be the trigger for Quoll's intention to form the group.

That Chapter 396 of Hunter x Hunter will be released on Manga Plus on Sunday November 27th.

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