Sia is getting closer and closer to the anime's release EDENS ZERO taken from the last work of the same name by Hiro Mashima. Let's take a look at the new promotional image that was posted on the official Twitter page.

The author of the galactic adventure of fairy tale and with the young Shiki Granbell will soon be seen on Japanese television. To remember, it is the same staff through a tweet that I report at the bottom of this message. It is said that the broadcast will begin on April 10th at 12:55 PM on the Japanese schedule, which is 12:55 AM 11 April.

So there are 2 months to the debut of various characters that we can preview thanks to Key visual shared in the same post. In addition to the protagonist Rebecca and Happy, who we were already able to discover in the first key visual of EDENS ZERO, mother now appears, the blonde visible in the upper part of the picture Weisz and the beautiful Homuraon the sides of the drawing and Pino next to the protagonist.

Finally, I remember that I was Work on the production of the series seems to be coming to an end when Yoshihisa Hirano, the music composer, recently announced that he had finished his assignment for EDENS ZERO.

And what do you think of this advertising image? Are you waiting for the series to start? Let us know with a comment.

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