Sasuke Retsuden's story arc is approaching with the airing of his graduation Boruto episode 285. Sasuke and Sakura's mission to the land of Redaku led the Uchiha couple in search of the Ultraparticles, a mysterious element that seems capable of curing Naruto of the disease that afflicted him.

In Boruto 284, Sasuke took a step forward by sensing Zansul coming to life Dragosaurs guarding the Redaku Astronomical Observatory. In the episode titled "Sasuke Retsuden - Heaven Fell to Earth" it is Sakura who makes an important discovery useful for the purpose of the mission.

After Sakura Haruno receives a letter from Master Kakashi stating that Redaku's prime minister has waged war, the doctor finally manages to find out Meaning of Rikudo Sennin's drawings in the sky map. These illustrations are nothing but signs to use a specific jutsu.

The location where Sakura must replicate these characters is a clear lake, identified by Sasuke, that reflects the stars. After a tender couple moment, the Uchiha spouses finally make it Get the Ultra Particles. What happens next, however, is terrible.

Much fuss is made at the astronomical observatory. An explosion made it possible Hundreds of flying beasts soaring into the sky. As Sakura heads back to the facility, Sasuke attempts to face these ancient beings commanded by Zansul.

The director of the prison reveals that it was precisely the discovery of the Ultra Particles that allowed him to free all those dragons used in the Prime Minister's military campaign of Redaku. While Sasuke tries to fight the beasts, Sakura alerts the prisoners and tries to get them to escape. At this point, Zansul's mysterious ally reveals his identity. Jiji stains himself with treason and he stabs Sakura in the back. Will Sakura be able to survive this low blow in Boruto Episode 286?

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