After Hawks' childhood was chronicled in My Hero Academia 6x16, the next installment released by Studio BONES focuses on the past of another career hero. The The Todoroki family's tragic past returns to knock on the door of the Number One Endeavor.

The difficult affairs of the Todoroki family have been among the central themes of My Hero Academia since the beginning of the work. When Endeavor seemed to have somehow managed to reconnect with his son Shoto, a grim revelation threw the family back to hell.

My Hero Academia 6 war bow saw Dabi protagonist of a sensational revelation. The blue-flamed villain has shed his mask and introduced himself by his real name. He is none other than Toya Todoroki, the son Endeavor believed lost forever after a mysterious accident.

Now that the war is over and locked in a hospital bed, confronted directly with his other children and his wife Rei, Enji Todoroki traces the events that have had a lasting impact on his career.

Enji Todoroki did not marry Rei for love, but to give birth to a son who would combine his Fire Quirk with the Hamura family's Ice Quirk. The first attempt, Toya Todoroki, proved to be very skilled with flames, even more powerful than his father's. However, analysis has shown that the Little Toya's quirk was incompatible with her bodymore suitable for the glacier temperatures inherited from the mother.

Toya's flames burned his skin, but the boy never gave up training. Even against his parents' wishes and driven by jealousy towards Shoto, Toya always tried to get Endeavor to pay attention to him. Disappointed with his father's shortcomings, who definitely didn't want to see him use the Quirk, Toya burned almost to ashes with anger. Somehow, however, Toya was saved and became the villain of My Hero Academia, marked by facial burns.

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