Continuing from episodes 232-255, the saga of the Great Battle in the Land of Water ends. This original anime story arc Boruto: Naruto the next generations, caused a lot of emotions among the viewers, but also some controversy. Here's the greeting from fans on Twitter.

Before that, both the ninjas of the misty village and the pirates of the Funato clan had laid down their weapons. So the two sides have withdrawn their armiesto finally bring peace to the Land of Water. Team 7 and Team 5 ninjas were able to return home.

In Boruto Episode 255 we examine the consequences for the Nebula. The Funatos' cause had numerous supporters. This led the Mizukage to Chojuro temporarily slow down technological progress his village and the Shinonome-1 project. However, the leaders of the Funatos have been imprisoned and the Daimyo of the Water Lands is asking for their heads.

Informed by the Hokage of what is happening, Boruto he fears for the punishment Ikada will receive and press to get in touch with him. This angers Kawaki, concerned about his brother's recent attempted sacrifice.

Then the different points of view of the two boys causes a fight. This is only calmed down when the two are exhausted and Naruto informs them that there will be no consequences for Ikada, who is free to work as a ship's carpenter again.

Fans on social media have not without controversy welcomed this original saga, the longest of the series. In general, however, the narrative arc found different approvals Episode 255 alternates between good quality animations absolutely bad and insufficient for others. It's not the first time this saga has sparked this kind of controversy. Previously, Boruto's scream went viral due to poor animation. And you, did you follow this long filler?

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