While the entire community is still waiting for the animated series to return, a fan has adapted Chapter 62 of the manga's manga Dragon Ball Super. This is how the challenge between Vegeta and Planet Eater Molo would appear in the anime.

TOEI Animation recently announced that it is working on a new Dragon Ball Super movie that will be released in 2022 and will most likely restart the franchise. However, it's almost impossible to wait for that moment to check out the anime that was stopped at the Tournament of Power. To avoid the wait, the user MochaZ7 has created a spectacular adaptation of the on his YouTube channel Fight between Vegeta and Molo.

According to the first information leaked, the new film will focus on an unreleased event and should therefore not continue the animated series. Hence, the clip made by the artist is the only way to see that Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga on video.

Fanmade work focuses on that Chapter 62 of the manga, Chapter in which the Saiyajin prince launches an attack on Molo, which eventually stops him and, thanks to his power, steals his energy. For a project created by a user who describes himself as a "novice" and is running on a budget, the result is nothing short of amazing. And what do you think of this clip? Would you like to see other similar works?

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