As a result of recent events, both forces in the Land of Water saga invasion field have lost important pawns. The ninja of the Village of the Mist, allied with those of Konoha, and the pirates of the Funato Clan are considering what to do Boruto episode 247.

Boruto faced the disappearance of a brother. For the sake of his village and to defend his comrades, Kagura faced Funamushi with the sword Funato who came out, however, was the slimy winner of the duel.

With the Mizukage's right arm murdered from behind, Team 7, Team 5 and the three remaining Swordsmen of the Mist inherit the will of Kagura. Kirigakure's defense is in their hands, and in Episode 247, Boruto and Kawaki seek revenge.

But also me Pirates of the Funato Clan are facing a difficult situation. Tenma, who attacked the enemy forces alone, was killed in battle by Chojuro, Seiren is still in a coma from the injuries he sustained from clashing with Kagura and Boruto, and Funamushi blamed Boruto's rasengan.

Analysis of the situation with his son Isari, Araumi Funato decides to take the lead the army. His first order is to withdraw the elite troops led by Funamushi, still blinded by the events at Seiren. Refusing the order, the invasion continues.

Meanwhile, the ninja of Konoha are exhausted. Food is scarce and the civilian population must be fed. When Iwabei and Denki learn about a place where there are numerous fruits, they immediately go there. There, however, they meet the men of the Funatos. Circled, ie Two Team 5 ninjas are captured by the enemy.

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