Blue period, the famous work by Tsubasa Yamaguchi distributed in Italy by J-Pop Manga, will receive an anime adaptation in the course of 2021. The news came a few moments ago on the official website and an initial key visual was shared to celebrate the announcement.

Last December we told you that the first domain of the Blue Period anime was online, but Nobody expected such a short start window. At the moment no information has been shared about the studio that will animate the series or the team of speakers, but we can expect some details in the next few days as the next volume of the manga will be released in Japan on January 21st.

Blue Period serialization began on June 24, 2017 and 8 volumes are available to date (9 in a few days), 3 of which have already been published in Italy. The summary is as follows: "Yatora is a student who is as intelligent as he is apathetic and without stimuli. His days pass between sports on TV, evenings with friends and a smooth school career that naturally tends to study: nothing seems to really interest him until he experiments with painting. After a task performed during the art class, Yatora feels that she has really and finally expressed her talent. Therefore, for the first time, he decides to really get involved: after high school, he goes down a more difficult path than university, which would welcome him with open arms to be admitted to a prestigious art academy".

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