At Jump Festa 2023, Studio Pierrot unveiled the near-term future of Animated series Boruto. As planned, the adaptation of the Saga of Code is imminent. That's when the anime will return to follow the events of Masashi Kishimoto and Mikio Ikemoto's manga.

During Shueisha's biggest media event, the animation studio behind it Boruto: Naruto Next Generation had warmed the hearts of the fans with two big promises. The first was retained with theAdaptation by Sasuke Retsuden which continues with the Uchiha spouses who find themselves on a difficult mission in the land of Redaku, while the second is about to be sustained.

At the end of the broadcast of Boruto 286, which will mark the end of Sasuke and Sakura's adventure, a new era begins for the anime. After more than a full year, the series finally returns to adapt the events of the main work. there Saga of Code begins broadcasting Boruto Episode 287 on February 12, 2023. The episode titled "Claw Marks" leads viewers to learn about the mysterious power possessed by the last surviving member of the Kara organization.

They showed up online also titles of the following two episodes. Boruto 288 is titled "Captives" and will air on February 19th, while Boruto 289 is titled "Qualification" and will air on February 26th. Furthermore, nothing is known about these two episodes at the moment, but soon viewers of the Boruto anime will have the opportunity to get to know Eida and Daemon, the two terrible brothers who will guide the course of the next events . And have you already returned to watch the anime series with Sasuke Retsuden's adaptation, or will you wait until mid-February?

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