The battle of the original Boruto saga begins: Naruto the Next Generations. While the Mizukage Chojuro is distracted by the main force of the Funato Clan, a handful of elite pirates attempt to secretly invade the helpless Mist Village. The last defense is here Resistance formed by Kagura and Boruto.

After hearing Buntan's love and betrayal story in Boruto 244, Hebiichigo still decides to flee. However, the Kunoichi notes that i Pirates of Funato have guessed the trap created by Kagura and is overcome with guilt.

Kagura's trap is set by Funamushi's men against the resistance ninjas, who begin their attack. The same Funamishi Funato launches the attack, who seeks revenge for Comrade Seiren. With Boruto on the verge of the worst, the intervention of Hebiichigo and his sewing needle, along with that of the other ninja swordsmen of the Nebula and Team 5 of the Leaf, resolves the situation.

The Leaf and Fog ninjas manage to escape to reorganize the forces on the field, but the second round soon begins. Once again, Funamushi unleashes his amazing Art of Water, but the brave Kagura manages to break the jutsu by fearlessly throwing down the Rombosogliola. However, he is seized from behind by the enemy and pierced through. Is this the end for him?

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