Dragon Ball Z, the legendary anime series that adapted all of the Dragon Ball sagas starring Goku as an adult, remains the fan-favorite part of the work to this day. Akira Toriyama has managed to create a masterpiece that has stood the test of time and conquered generations of young people.

Even today, the affection shown by fans results in fabulous creations Illustrations of Goku and his companions, which always gives them different shapes and styles. Not long ago via his Twitter profile @Justin96636 posted an illustration of the fight between Dragon Ball Z Gohan and Cell in traditional Japanese style, also called Ukiyo-e.

Ukiyo-e is a style developed in the Edo period of Japan (early 17th century - late 19th century) and is unique in the way it depicts the elements of the illustration that give the impression of levitation will. @Justin96636 seems to be particularly fond of ukiyo-e, so he also published the illustration for Goku vs. Majin Buu in traditional Japanese style.

In his latest tweet we can see all the power of Goku Super Saiyan 3, who is about to hit Majin Buu, who is cloaked in a golden aura, on the left side of the illustration. The pink monster, on the other hand, features pupilless eyes that make its look truly demonic, and it is additionally shrouded in a black mist that enhances its malice.

These fan art are usually in specific styles appreciated by the whole community, who does not hesitate to share them. Dragon Ball Z's Radditz fan art, depicting him as a loving uncle, has also had recent success on social media, creating a great moment of debate over a What if which not everyone appreciates.

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