Like his father, he lost numerous brave traveling companions before becoming the Hokage Boruto knows that kind of pain. The end of the games is coming for one of the main protagonists of the currently unreleased anime story arc.

The new Team 7 is currently in the land of water, shocked by thatInvasion of the Funato pirate clan. The shinobi of the mist have been outflanked and only a handful of men remain to defend Kirigakure, led by Kagura Karatachi, right arm of Chojuro and nephew of the former Mizukage Yagura.

In light of the battle in Boruto 245, the will decide the fate of the Village of Mist, alongside Kagura there are three Swordsmen of the Mist and Team 7 and 5 of the Leaf. However, the enemy army overwhelms them in numbers and if the enemy general goes down in battle, the game will come to an end for one of the heroes.

Previously we experienced the story of Boruto's swordsmen of the mist, but their presence was not enough to protect the leader Kagura. After stopping a very powerful jutsu with his Rombogliola, Kagura lets himself be grabbed from behindAnd. Desiring revenge for his companion Seiren, Funamushi Funato stabs the Shinobi of the Mist to death. The episode ends with this sensational cliffhanger: Is Kagura dead or is there a chance she survives?

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