Out April 20 at 5 p.m. on MangaPlus, the Chapter 83 of Dragon Ball Super it was completely leaked on the net. Toyotaro's work returns to give ample space to the character of Bardocks and his past battle with the Heeters.

From the official Dragon Ball Super 83 spoilers, it was already clear that this chapter would be dedicated exclusively to Goku's father. Under the title "Bardock Vs. Gas 2" the Heeters demonstrate their clear superiority. After a few hits, Gas says so the Saiyans won't have much time left, as revealed to him by his brother Elec. The antagonist obviously refers to Freeza's attack.

Helping Baddack is Monaito, who decides to use it Grain dragonballs. The Namek's wish is to bring Baddack back to the planet Vegeta to ensure its safety. However, Goku's father refuses: the Saiyans never run away from a fight.

If the fight goes on, gas Rip off Bardock's tail. Now he can no longer transform into Oozaru. As the battle progresses, the Saiyan becomes stronger and stronger until he manages to deal a devastating blow to the enemy. At this point, Elec intervenes, who again waves to Freeza.

Baddack won't understand the spoken words in Dragon Ball Super 83, but he will manage to get one unexpected victory. With the withdrawal of the Heeters, this appointment with Toyotaro's work also ends.

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