Again the anime by Boruto: Naruto the next generations leads viewers to compare Kawaki’s story. The boy cannot rid himself of negative thoughts, despite the strong bond he has with the Seventh Hokage and the other members of the Uzumaki family. A wounded wolf is its lifeline.

During episode 209 of Boruto, Kawaki notices that cute Himawari behaves unusually. The baby of the house steals food from Mama Hinata’s fridge, but not out of greed. When Kawaki demands clarification, Naruto’s second child claims she is caring for an injured pet.

That pet, Nibble, is a white wolf that he has numerous scars. It is precisely because of his injuries that he distrusts everyone around him, everyone except Himawari, who takes care of him carefully. When Hima-chan and Kawaki go in search of more food, Nibble is approached by the rest of the pack, who apparently drove him from the herd.

As Kawaki points out, a white-haired wolf is more visible to predators, which is why gray wolves have chosen to keep them away. Kawaki senses this and recognizes it Likeness between him and Mordicchio. With Jigen’s coveted ship, Kawaki is also a danger to his family and Konoha. To prevent his loved ones from being hurt by him, he intends to leave the Blattdorf. Is it time to say goodbye?

This isn’t the first time Kawaki has bonded with an animal. He made friends with a puppy when he first appeared, and later he was compared to a flower pot. We leave you to the design problem of Boruto’s characters and the anticipation of episode 210 which, as usual, will hit Crunchyroll next week.

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