When Kawaki finally seemed to have achieved his longed for freedom, the Kara organization returned to pursue him. In fact, one of the criminal group's interiors arrived at the Blattdorf to bring the container back to Jigen. The battle started in Boruto: Naruto the next generations!

It was not without problems that Kawaki managed to settle in the city Uzumaki familywho greeted him like a son in the house. Determined to bury the hatchet with Boruto as well, the two boys decide to train together to discover the secrets of karma, a seal that somehow connects them through a resonance.

At the end of the fight, however, Delta shows up for the Kara organization regain possession of the container. Naruto, who assisted his "sons" with Himawari, stands in their defense.

In episode 198 of Boruto, the fight finally begins between the Hokage and the Delta, whose body hides a terrible force. The Kara woman's body is completely covered Ninja Science Toolsthat help her stand up to Naruto.

Get rid of Naruto and achieve his goal without mercy Delta Catch Himawari. Boruto furiously tries to free his little sister by throwing a decaying Rasengan at the antagonist, who, however, picks him up with his technological eye. At that point, Delta throws Himawari in the air and Naruto jumps to regain it. Now out in the open, Naruto is ready to suffer a fatal laser beam from Delta's eyes.

However, when everything was pointing to the worst, we found that Kawaki intercepted the blow by standing in front of Naruto and Himawari. To the defend his new confidantea, Kawaki lost his right arm. Since his debut, Kawaki has grown a lot and with this gesture has shown his true feelings towards the Hokage and his little girl.

What will happen in the next episode? Here is the preview of Boruto 199.

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