Many of the strongest characters from bleaching are part of Gotei-13's Soul Reaper. Among them are Captain Byakuya Kuchiki and Captain Kaname Tosen. Both have an interesting zanpakuto and lots of skills, but what if they collide with each other?

Byakuya and Tosen never clashed, but if so, who would win the battle? Even before the zanpakuto is released, Byakuya would enjoy his decent lead over Kaname Tosenas he has a fast pace and his sword fighting skills are far superior.

He could gradually harm Tosen, especially from the use of Kido, hence T.Osen would use the Shikai of his Zanpakuto Suzumushito clear the bill. The giant Shikai blades are too slow and clumsy to hit Byakuya, but he could hit him with the first form of suzumushi, an ultrasonic wave that can turn off the opponent, could hit him.

In this way, Byakuya had to fight and endure the pain until he could use his shikai and cover the battlefield with petals. As the petals would be scattered everywhere Byakuya wouldn't have to see Kaname clearly to hit him.

A disadvantaged Kaname would use Bankaiand so can see and hear. In his Bankai, Kaname can defeat Byakuya by playing surprise, but Byakuya can surround himself with flower petals to defend himself.

Byakuya would use the bankai and turn the petals into sharp bladesand even if Byakuya could not see and hear Kaname, the petals would still hit the target. Kaname would continue to take damage until his bankai was broken. Byakuya would have the upper hand.

While Planet Manga is announcing a special bleach-themed box set, we can enjoy the 10 most beautiful Bankai from Tite Kubo's Manga.

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