We have seen many captains and vice-captains of Gotei 13 on duty in Bleach over time. During the long series written and drawn by Tite Kubo, some of them have betrayed the Shinigami cause by creating an outside organization to attack the King of Spirits and Destroy the world of bleach.

Led by former fifth division captain Sosuke Aizen, two captains, Gin Ichimaru (former third division) and Kaname Tosen (former ninth division), fell in battle. Given the events of Bleach's Infernal Chapter, what was it? Fate of the two former captains of Gotei 13?

We have actually found out that a late captain has a reiatsu too dense and powerful to be reabsorbed by the Soul Society, and hence a ritual is required to send him to Hell. That is it should therefore also apply to Gin Ichimaru and Kaname Tosen, both captains who died during the Aizen invasion saga of Karakura.

However, the two characters must be separated. Kaname Tosen actually died in the wrong city of Karakura and, above all, with hollow strength in his possession. Many unknowns are at stake for him, for example whether the reiatsu stayed in the real world or returned to Soul Society anyway and whether the hollow forces somehow compromised this natural process for the other captains.

Gin Ichimaru, on the other hand, was said to have received - or rather, already received - the ritual after he died in the real karakura that was transported to the Soul Society. It is therefore possible that even in the hell saga Gin Ichimaru may return to Bleach.

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