ONE PIECE: What if Boa Hancock got to Wano?  Your beauty in Japanese clothes

Boa Hancock She wore different outfits throughout the series. She first showed up at Amazon Lily in a red dress that left her breasts and legs very bare. However, she uses a purple qipao for fighting, which allows her to move more freely. During ONE PIECE he also wore other clothes of various kinds.

However, since she hadn't arrived in Wanokuni with Luffy's crew, she couldn't wear the classic Japanese clothing. Nami and Nico Robin received various new clothes on this island, and so did all the other protagonists. What would Boa Hancock have been like if she'd come to Wanokuni? together with the other ONE PIECE characters?

Fan Kiciu tried to envision it in a fan art posted on Reddit in the past few hours. Below we see Hancock's dress, which of course wears a kimono. With a red base there are several pink details and one in particular Snake that wraps its entire dress with its coilswith reference to the identity of the pirate empress. The long hair, on the other hand, was wrapped behind the head and accompanied by a golden tiara. However, her snake-shaped earrings are not missing.

You would have liked to have officially seen the woman in these dresses ONE PIECE? However, you can admire a life-size statue of Boa Hancock.

Wano Hancock from r / OnePiece

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