In Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War 1x06, Yhwach proved his superiority by defeating Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto with a shady trick. With the leader of the Gotei 13 dead, Soul Society has one last hope. It's time for the replacement Shinigami to go into battle.

That The general commander of the Gotei 13 division fell under the blows of Her Majesty Yhwach, who can thus direct his men to begin the invasion by the infantry of his army. This second wave results in the deaths of numerous Soul Reapers whose souls draw attention Kurosaki Ichigo. Confined in Opie's cage, full of anger, he finally manages to break through the wall that banished him to Hueco Mundo.

Back in Soul Society, his first step is to reunite with Byakuya, who dies before his death she makes him promise to save the Society of Souls. Without making any gestures, Ichigo locates Yhwachs's location and engages him in a duel. However, the leader of the Wandenreich is too much stronger than him and knocks him out with a few punches. However, subconsciously, Ichigo learned the blood veinthe technique the Quincy use to defend themselves against any blow.

Yhwach wanted to kidnap Ichigo and take him to the Wandenreich to make him one of his best men, but due to this dangerous development, he decides to kill him. Just as he is about to deliver the decisive blow thanks to Sosuke Aizen's abilities, the time Quincy can stay in Soul Society ends. L'The Star Knights Army must withdraw, but with a promise to return as soon as possible to finish the work begun. Also, before leaving, Yhwach explains that Ichigo is one of his own Children born in darkness. Here is the Bleach ending dedicated to ancient Gotei 13.

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