Despite the difficulties, the Fourth Public Security Division's first official operation proved a success. The key to the success of the operation was Denji's madness, which alone managed to kill a dangerous devil. What will happen in the next episode of Chainsaw Man?

In Chainsaw Man 1x07, Denji killed the Devil of Eternity, rescued his teammates who ended up in the antagonist's captivity, and recovered a Devil Pistol Fragment. However, it is still impossible to pinpoint the location of the Felhunters' true enemy, and the Fourth Division will have to work hard to search for other fragments.

Due to the problems encountered during the last mission, Himeno organized a drink with colleagues. This however small party among devil hunterswhich Makima also attended turned out to be a nightmare for Denji.

The boy got the reward he wanted so badly from Himeno. However, his first kiss on the mouth with tongue tastes like vomit. In fact, lazy drunk kissing Denji Himeno choked in his mouth. Shaken by what happened, Denji gets carried away. upon his awakening He finds himself in Himeno's bedroomwho asks him to have sex. How will Denji react given his obsession? Because of these events, Himeno is the most hated Chainsaw Man.

in the Chainsaw Man 1x08 Makima will move away from Tokyo. As stated by Aki and Himeno, Makima is used to moving around Japan often and willingly, staying in Tokyo just to stay close to Denji. But now he has to move to Kyoto, but it seems that there will be some troubles during the trip.

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