During the sixth episode of Chainsaw Man, the Fourth Division of Public Safety was being held captive in the Devil of Eternity's trap. The only way to escape from the place where they were imprisoned is to kill Denji. The protagonist of chainsaw man however, he will not die without a fight.

Defended by Aki from Kobeni and Arai's attempt to kill him, Denji decides to repay it by throwing himself into the maw of the Devil of Eternity. However, the boy is not willing to sacrifice himself and pulls his strings in the exhibition. became tochainsaw manstarts cutting everything that comes within reach.

However, Denji's efforts seem in vain as the Devil of Eternity's heart is elsewhere. The chainsaw man's saws are now tired and retreating. However, Denji recognizes this Drinking the fel blood allows him to restore his energy stores.

After three days of battle, in which the devil of eternity sheds liters of blood, finally Denji triumphs and also cuts off the heart of the enemy. Eventually, the fel hunters reach freedom, also with a fragment of the fel gun in hand.

To try to find harmony in the team and investigate Makima and find out what he really knows about Denji, Himeno decides to organize one drinks with colleagues. However, the devil hunters go overboard with alcohol and in Chainsaw Man 1x07, Denji gets a disgusting reward. Finally, the young protagonist finds himself in Himeno's bed.

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