2021 is an important milestone for the franchise Pokémon, born exactly 25 years ago from the head of Satoshi Tajiri. The brand is one of the most recognizable and profitable today, and while fans wait for important announcements for Pokémon Day, a now famous cosplayer has decided to take on the role of iconic Ho-Oh.

Among the nearly 1000 portable monsters introduced over the years through the release of video games and specialty films are popping up Pokémon that are considered legendarybecause they come from a different time than the adventure of the protagonists, who more or less directly intervened in the world crucial moments in the world's pastInfluence on many peoples and regions.

To pay homage to one of the symbols of the second generation, the user @lowcostcosplayth decided to use his usual ingenuity to create a beautiful version of the Pokémon Rainbow, member of the Tower Duo, and Pokémon Gold or Ho-Oh icon. With a sock to restore the muzzle and several slices of watermelon for wings, the cosplayer was able to get a decent result, as you can see in the post at the bottom of the page.

Remember, a fan recreated the first game setting for their hamster, and we're leaving you with one of the most precious cards in the world, President Ishihara.

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