In Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War 1x04, the Soul Society has been overrun by the Star Knights of Wandenreich. However, the war began in the worst possible way when the commanders of Gotei 13 were cornered. The intervention of Kurosaki Ichigowho, however, faces another complex struggle.

Contacted by Akon, Ichigo agreed to return to Soul Society through a dimensional portal from Urahara. However it is The fight in Hueco Mundo is not over yet.

Bleach episode 371 starts with Ichigo ends up in Quilge Opie's trap. The protagonist has been imprisoned and not even his Getsuga Tensho manages to break open the cell imprisoning him. Meanwhile, he hears his friends suffering. However, a mysterious intervention puts Opie's life to an end.

The scene then moves to Soul Society. Here, Captain Byakuya continues his fight with As Nodt, who previously stole his bankai from him. The commander is forced to face his own weapon, the Senbonzakura Kageyoshie he falls victim to it. At the same time REnji and Rukia fall unconscious from enemies.

As the Gotei 13 seems destined to succumb, Zaraki Kenpachi manages to reach Yhwach and Jugram Haschwalth, who are bringing the bodies of three defeated Star Knights as dowry. Finally on the battlefield the great captain Genryusai Yamamoto also intervenes, who avenges the death of his great friend Sasakibe. The captain's strength spurs his subordinates to return to battle with renewed vigour.

Back from Zaraki, we see him about to die at the hands of Yhwax. However, Genryusai intervenes. It starts in the next episode Clash between the Soul Society leaders and the Wandenreich.

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