Soul Society's Quincy invasion has turned Ichigo and Shinigami's lives upside down. In the fifth episode of Bleach: Thousand Years of Blood War However, one of Gotei 13's captains managed to reach the leader of the Wandenreich personally in anticipation of one of the biggest battles of the first phase of the war.

Ichigo is currently confined to Hueco Mundo, trapped in a sphere because it is considered a particular threat to the Quincys. A narrative gimmick that draws attention to other developments and gives more space to some of the most powerful characters in the Bleach universe. The arrival of the Star Knight has shaken the ranks of the Shinigami, but one among them, the Captain of Gotei 13's 11th Company, Zaraki Kenpachi he could easily defeat three of them.

In fact, Kenpachi immediately walks into the presence of Yhwach, the creator of the Quincy and the one who orchestrated the invasions that are still ongoing. See the clip at the bottom of the page Kenpachi's arrival before Yhwach, and his extreme confidence and daring in describing how he managed to stop three of Her Majesty's best men. Surprised to see his teammates in these conditions, Jugram calls Kenpachi a "monster".

While the other captains are deployed directly on the battlefield, Kenpachi wants to face off against Yhwach, who, however, could also prove to be an enemy beyond his capabilities. To finish, we leave you with one of the horror scenes of the new Bleach anime.

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