At this point the The ONE PIECE world is in turmoil. An era is coming to an end, the one that saw the rule of four great emperors but no pirate king, a role that the manga's protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy, will fill in a while. In the meantime, however, the boy continues his journey and disembarks at Egghead.

Vegapunk Island is a haven of secrets, and knowing that the scientist is in danger from CP0, this mysterious figure will reveal his secrets. You understand this thanks Spoilers of ONE PIECE 1066extremely important again.

  • ONE PIECE Chapter 1066 is titled "Ohara's Will";
  • There is a flashback to Oharathat transports everyone to the Buster Call;
  • Dragon and Vegapunk were in Ohara after the World Government ended their attack;
  • They both knew Clover;
  • After attacking Ohara, Dragon makes the decision to form an army;
  • A group of giants transported all the books from Ohara to Elbaf. The group was led by a person with "bandages bandaged all over his body";
  • At the end of the chapter Luffy meets the real Vegapunk;
  • The scientist is shown in full, he is not just a silhouette;
  • Vegapunk: "Son of Dragons! I knew you were coming!”;

So the great revelations continue. After the bomb dropped in ONE PIECE 1065, the dots between past and present reconnect.

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