The soundtrack has always played an important role in the history of anime bleaching and on the occasion of the release of the eight soundtrack albums of the series and the various films released by the Pierrot studio, Crunchyroll had the opportunity to interview the composer Shiro Sagisu, here's everything the maestro talked about.

Industry veteran, active for 47 years, Sagisu quickly traced his career from the importance of his father's teachings as a child to the knowledge of the anime industry he acquired growing up living near an animation studio. In the second phase of the interview, we talked specifically about Bleach and like the master was approached by a SONY producer to make the soundtrack.

Sagisu knew Bleach through fame as many of the series published in Weekly Shonen Jump are so heavily promoted that they also reach the masses of non-fans and must be known to people working in the entertainment world. Speaking of actual work, the composer admitted that he had developed a very strong professional relationship with him Anime director Noriyuki Abeand that it was precisely this closeness and the creative freedom afforded that led him to create pieces that are still loved by the community today.

Sagisu, who has also worked on film scores for live-action films, admitted that he uses the same production method to compose, ie understand the director's vision of the work and establish a good professional relationship with them to make suitable pieces. With the medium constantly evolving, Sagisu then explained that he wanted to convey that sense of change, of transformation, through his music, and particularly through that in Bleach.

Finally, the Maestro urged fans to follow him Social media, which he sees as an extraordinary means of building lasting relationships and profitable. Let us know what you think of these curiosities revealed by Shiro Sagisu in the comments. To finish we leave you a key image dedicated to the captains of the Gotei 13.

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