The users who spend most of their time on Twitter share a dream in common: to get verified, which simply consists of having a Twitter account assigned a blue badge in its name, indicating that it is in the public interest. Apparently the author of the manga Mieruko-chan, Tomoki izumi, is one of those people as he recently released an update that reveals he was denied review.

Β«Someone is telling me how to meet the Notoriety Criteria!"The author wrote along with a screenshot with the message from Twitter denying the request, which wrote:"We have confirmed your request to verify your Twitter account. As the evidence submitted does not meet Twitter's awareness criteria, this account is currently not verified. Because of this, we were unable to clearly identify the account associated with the application as a celebrity, organization, or brand.Β».

Verification is currently assigned to each user who confirms that they are a personality on social networks, or at least have a connection with a company of interest (even virtual YouTubers understand). In this case, the author can state in his application that he is associated with the conglomerate Kadokawa (the manga is published on the ComicWalker service owned by that publisher), which could serve as evidence of its notoriety. It appears you have already reapplied by following this suggestion. Will it give you the confirmation?

The anime adaptation of Mieruko-chan was broadcast during the fall 2021 season (October-December) and had a total of twelve episodes while the platform Funimation takes care of sales in the west. Izumi started publishing the manga through the magazine ComicWalker from the publisher Kadokawa in November 2018. The publisher released the fifth compilation volume on March 22nd, followed by the sixth on October 22nd in Japan.

Summary of Mieruko-chan

Miko Yotsuya's eyes water as she fixes a single spot on her phone, ignores another hideous and horrific monster on her face, and utters the haunting words, "Can you see me?" So far, Miko was enjoying her unpretentious high school days, where late-night horror shows were only for entertainment. But for a fateful day, she has been the only person who is aware of the invisible monsters that roam freely between people.

Miko courageously makes a courageous decision: under no circumstances will she acknowledge the presence of the hideous ghosts. Although she pretends she doesn't exist, she can see her upset those around her, especially her best friend, the energetic and charming Hana Yurikawa. To protect her from the annoyances of the monsters, Miko does her best to continue her school life and avoid all annoying crises, even if they scare her into tears.

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