The Gotei 13 Sixth Division lieutenant is ready to protect his beloved Rukia Kuchiki in this new one Bleach collector statue made by Diamond Studio. We admire Renji Abarai and his unwavering determination.

Bleach fans can add this new statue from Diamond Studio to their collection at a price of 165 euros excluding shipping. The PVC figure proudly shows Renji Abarai with his fearsome sword on his shoulder. In the pictures Mundo Kame shared on Twitter, the incredible details of the work can be seen, from the engravings on the plate of the left arm, to the folds of the dress, to the red hair that has tied the yellow and black headscarf.

According to the information in the pictures, it is possible at the time of purchase to choose a personalized base. The two examples show a more classic base with the protagonist's name engraved on it and another with Renji standing on an icy rocky platform. The dimensions of the collector statue correspond to a height of 35 cm, a width of 20.5 cm and a depth of 20.6 cm. The image can already be pre-ordered, but the date of publication is planned for June 2021. What do you think you want to buy it? Let's compare it with this beautiful 370 Euro pale figure by Yoruichi. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the series, an exhibition on Bleach has been announced.

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