Bleaching ended in 2016 on Weekly Shonen Jump after a more than ten year sequel with Tite Kubo, who in the following years focused on the world of Burn the Witch. The idea of ​​Shinigami and Hollow wasn't dismissed, however, with an animated project on the way. But now the manga is back.

Has weekly shonen jump announced the return of Bleach with a special chapter of over 70 pages. A one-of-a-kind oneshot to continue the story of Ichigo Kurosaki and celebrate the 20th anniversary of the manga born in July 2001. But the first spoilers seem to contradict the first clues from the magazine.

In the past few hours, new pages have been leaked from the next issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, which will be officially released next week. That In fact, the celebratory chapter of Bleach seems to be just the first in a new short series. After the first spoilers and leaks, there will be other chapters of Bleach, maybe three more. Given Kubo's new way of working, it is possible that the mangaka would want to create an entire volume, sort of a Bleach number 75.

At the moment the release dates of the next chapters of Bleach have not yet been announced but it will be interesting to see Ichigo and the Shinigami in action.

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