It was in the air after the events that Eiichiro Oda had recounted on the pages of the previous chapters. Archived various clashes, in ONE PIECE 1021 it is Black Maria’s turn to take the field. What happens to the Manga of Records in the new weekly appointment?

The spoilers of ONE PIECE 1021 had already anticipated an intense fight between Tobi Roppo and Nico Robin. But let’s finally see how the whole fight with all its details thanks to the full summary of ONE PIECE 1021 complete with spoiler images.

ONE PIECE 1021 is called “Demon” and on the cover we see Franky and Senor Pink crying in a bar while a leopard bartender drinks. The chapter begins with the fight between Nico Robin and Black Maria and picks up where it left off in the last chapter. Black Maria comments that Nico Robin’s giant form has to use a lot of energy, but Robin replies not to worry as it will all be over quickly.

Robin uses a new attack called “Sea Serpent” and uses his huge arms like snakes to wrap around Black Maria’s legs. However, Tobi Roppo uses the tips of her weapon to attack the archaeologist’s arms. Black Maria realizes that the damage done to the giant version will also harm Robinso it keeps attacking the huge arms. Tobi Roppo uses the tips of her legs, which have poisonous claws, to keep hitting the huge arms.

Mugiwara therefore has no choice but to withdraw and evade the attacks. However, Black Maria uses the “Maria Net” attack to launch a spider web and catch Robin’s huge arms. Then he uses another “Oshizu Maria” attack to tie her up and render her defenseless. At this point the huge woman uses her brass knuckles to hit Robin in the face with an “Oiran Knuckle”. Robin senses all these attacks and has to make the giant creation disappear, but summons four more arms behind Black Maria to try to block it, but the latter responds with an “Ikito Maria” to create a wall of cobwebs and the Block attack.

The fight continues with one attack and the other, with Black Maria creates a wall of fire with an “Atata Maria” that sets its cobwebs on fire. However, he continues to make fun of Robin, saying that no flower can bloom in this sea of ​​fire, surprisingly blocking the archaeologist with a spider web behind him. It seems over for her, as Black Maria also says, but Brook, who is still there, replies that it is stupid of her to think that way.

While Robin is always impressed, a flashback begins in which she thinks back to her moments in the two years Jump in time with Koala and Sabo. The two offer the girl to learn Gyojin Karate or Ryuusouken. Hack arrives and tells Koala and Sabo to leave Robin alone as he doesn’t need protection and his blocking abilities are already strong. But Robin seems to want to learn the moves and figure out how to improve his, and Koala and Sabo are happy to be able to teach them.

In the presence of ONE PIECE 1021, Robin regains his strength and uses a new attack called “Mil Fleur Gyojin Karate: Giganteum” Hit the ceiling with huge palm trees and create an immense shock wave. Rubble falls, dampening the flames and destroying the Black Mary’s nets. Robin doesn’t stop there and uses the “Demon Fleur”, transforms his huge body into a black demon with bat wings, horns and fangs. The black Maria screams in horror and calls out “a demon ?!”. Robin continues to wrap his arms around the opponent and block her, culminating in a double-sided attack that knocks Black Maria out.

Brook is nearby when the Black Maria followers witness the scene and hear their mistress scream. However, the skeleton does not stop and attacks all three and knocks them down with a “Phrase D’armes Orchestra”. Brook grabs Robin, who is badly injured, and runs awaywhile a Merries watches their movements.

Then we continue to the port of Tokage. Luffy eats Caribou’s supplies for a monthwhile the Heart Pirates ask Mugiwara about the situation in Onigashima. Shinobu and Momonosuke talk to themselves and the child makes an important request: that of receive the powers of Shinobu’s Devil Fruit so he can grow up. Shinobu does not want to agree to the request because Momonosuke has an adult body but the mind of a child, but the future Shogun insists and closes chapter 1021 of EINSTÜCK.

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