The new season of bleaching was announced over two years ago and caused a major uproar in the community given the affection fans have for Tite Kubo's gem. Only a few months separate fans when the anime returns, but when exactly is it coming out?

The Millennial War Saga is expected Debut in the fall season, i.e. in a period between the end of September and the beginning of October. We don't have an exact date at the moment, but information could be forthcoming as Bleach will be attending ANIME EXPO with their own panel in a few weeks.

The same Tite Kubo revealed that a new trailer will be shown very soon and all clues point to the Japanese event which will take place from July 1st to 4th. Exactly on these dates, fans therefore expect the announcement of the release date of the new episodes. In reality, this may have been inadvertently revealed by the production, as from today, with one episode per day, the last two sagas will be aired again on different platforms. do some calculations The restoration of the anime is expected to end on October 4th, casual in a window fitting for the start of the fall season. That the first episode of the new season of Bleach will be released on this date?

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