With an update shared on his official social pages, Issues of Star Comics released the full catalog of releases coming out in August 2022. With numerous illustrious series to be continued and several debuts, readers will have to brace themselves for four weeks.

Star Comics recently announced the acquisition of 51% of its shares by Mondadori. Pending the results of this new synergy between the two groups, here are the Releases coming in August.

In the week beginning August 3rd, Dragon Ball Z The Movie – The Diabolical Warrior of the Underworld – Anime Comics debuts with Star Comics. This is accompanied by the releases of Detective Conan New Edition n. 23, EDENS ZERO n. fifteen, My Hero Academia: Teamp-Up Mission n. 3Our Not so Lonely Planet Guide #2 and Shaman King Final Edition #33.

The following week debuts Guyabano Holiday, the fifth release of Panpanya Works. Bakemonogatati - Tale of Monsters No. 14, Ariadna in the Blue Sky No. 14, Darling in the Franxxx n. 6, Echoes n. 9, Fairy Tail New Edition n. 59, Jagan n. 13, The Loser - Nekonaughey n. 4, MAO n. 11 and Run Away With Me Girl n. 2, one of the Star Comics titles for Pride Month.

August 17th is Adou n's turn. 4, Boys Run the Riot n. 2, Detective Conan New Edition #24, Dragon Ball Ultimate Edition n. 4Gate n. 16, Saint Tail New Edition n. 3, Shaman King Definitive Edition #34 and the Red-Haired Shirayuki #17.

The month ends with Cardcaptor Sakura Collector's Edition #7, Dragonball Super n. 17, Fairy-Tail Collection n. 8, Inuyasha Wide Edition n. 6, Kaiju #8 #4Living Room Matsunaga-san n. 9, Mermaid Saga #2, Pochi & Kuro n. 4, Rose Blood n. 4, Tower of God n. 6, and Tsubaki-Cho Lonely Planet New Edition #3.

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